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int, I discovered photography and started designing and tailoring costumes. I was a pretty dreamy girl, Piper Dollbut now as asex doll, I can guarantee you that I can use my imagination for completely different things.’, “I am not a particularly experienced sex doll. I have had a few boyfriends, but nothing ever worked out sexually. That’s why I’m a virgin real doll waiting for a cute and sweet nerd. I wish for someone who shares my interests for fantasy and roleplay, and weird monster sex with whom I can talk and laugh for hours.”, “Of course, I would also like to have exciting sex with you and become a real sex doll. So far, I’ve only seen a few porn movies and satisfied my own”, ‘real dollp***y. I would love to feel your penis inside of me and exchange hot kisses with you.’, “Someone’s appearance is absolutely not important for me, because your character is the most important thing for me. As a love doll, I am looking for a real connection between the two of us so that we can be happy together forever. You can teach me a lot as your sex doll, and we can explore our bodies together and spend the hottest nights together. If you’re not shy, we could do

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ways there for you to reach out to share intimate moments with, derive sexual satisfaction from and you won’t have to deal with male ego, emotional baggage or a sink full of dishes when you come home.They will break down themselves for you but they won’t break your heart. Now that I have played around with the idea of sex toys being sex toys and not actual human beings, I feel compelled to say that having a human partner might not be so bad. But that doesn’t mean you should break up with your sex toys. Sex toys
are forever love!
You can use sex toys like cock rings, vibrators, butt plugs, strap-ons, etc. during partnered sex, too. Most Cis-men tend to think that if women they are involved with use sex weird monster sex toys, it is a sign of their incompetency (which might be true if they aren’t putting in the efforts to pleasure their lady love). You can watch her pleasure herself or you can use it on her as a part of power play. Sex toys like vibrating panty, butt plugs, chastity cages, etc. can be used as a part of foreplay. A lot of women cannot orgasm through penetration alone. So, if you want her to enjoy the sexy times, let the trustworthy sex toys assist BBW Sex Dollyou.
Here is something for you to think about- sex toys are not only good for getting orgasms but also for better health, too. They are believed to be helpful with difficult symptoms of menopause, uncomfortable tightness of vagina and libido. When the vulva is stimulated, blood flow rushes towards it that promotes sexual wellness and creates a good amount of lubrication. Don’t tell me you would want your bae to stay away from all of these. Because there are many reasons

(Popularity Rate: 77 ) How do you use bullet vibrator sex toys?

A Bullet Vibrator is powerful small and shaped like a bullet for targeted stimulation, use the tip on your private parts while masturbating that is what most women use them for, you can check our range if you need to purchase one at adultshopit, you can allso read in more depth about the different types of bullet vibrators as well. I hope this has been helpful to you thanks Gary.

love dolls

Love Doll

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Real Doll

(Popularity Rate: 71 ) If I want to sell sex toys online, how should I start?

have a source of products, which we can easily access and purchase for a good price, and a means to present those products to potentially interested customers, and finally an efficient means for people to purchase the product/s, and have them delivered in a timely way.
Many people have discovered the great advantages of using established infrastructure, represented by such businesses as: eBay, Amazon.
To begin with, we need to discern if our products are going to appeal to our market. People can waste an awful lot of money and time getting caught up with this stage.
The term arbitrage is used out there among eCommerce people, and it refers quite simply to the difference in price from what you, as the seller, can source your product/s, and the price you can realistically sell your goods for on the open market. The differential between these two price points represents your income, and profit level.
You need to be ruthless in your assessment of the arbitrage between your price points. Being rigorous about the math is what differentiates the successful merchants, and the many failures.
Quality, and value for money.
If you intend to sell, you should commit to the values of good business practice. Now more than ever in commercial history, our intentions are transparent, we cannot hide behind advertising, and marketing bluster. If you offer value/quality you are definitely on the right path.
I think surveying the wholesale markets, and sourcing your products should be your first task. There are many offering wholesale, but you need to be careful, ‘caveat emptor’ applies as much to the seller, as to the buyer.
This means ‘Let the buyer beware’, there are many claiming to be wholesale, but they are in fact middlemen, they buy their goods from manufacturers, then slap their cut onto them for you to buy. The more of these middlemen buyers there are in the chain, the more expensive they become.
Wholesale is very often a congame.
You need to decide if you are going to use eBay/Amazon or another eCommerce platform to get started, or if you are going to take the tough path and be fully independent from the gitgo.
Here in Australia we have a guy, Ruslan Kogan who commenced from his parent’s garage back in 2011. Kogan started selling LCD Televisions which were made in China, he was able to get these manufactured and delivered for a very attractive price, and the quality was no different to the major brand names.
Kogan faced intense opposition from the established retail kingpins in Australia, but he was determined, and knew he could deliver on his promises.
Now Kogan has quietly become a major retail, eCommerce giant in the Australian market place, selling everything from Mobile phones, to life insurance. In 7 years.
Selling sex toys is a very competitive area. People can access very cheap, good quality products from a variety of eCommerce sources. Amazon, eBay, take a look at what is on offer.
Additionally, there are a lot of independent players, with their own eCommerce platforms operating in the major western countries.
Should you be put off by this? Possibly, you at the very least need to be aware of the competitive nature of your market!
So, you need to do something a bit different. You have to present your products in a way that is different to what is commonly available out there.
eCommerce is a very attractive option, because we can set things up pretty sweetly. However, if you have the idea to sell something, you can bet your boots others also see the opportunity; you need to execute on this better than others!
Many people have the bright idea of selling online, but the vast majority of them get bogged down in the details, and they lose interest when the sales do not immediately begin flooding in.
Shopify, this is a hugely popular eCommerce solution, it seems every second person you meet at parties and the pub is having a crack at setting up their own Shopify store-if I hear the term ‘Dropshipping’ again I might scream.
There are a lot of players in the sex toy space, I wish you luck, and I suggest you have a think about how you are going to execute on your ideas, because this is what differentiates the successes from the ‘me too’ dabblers.
I don’t mean to be discouraging, it is simply that eCommerce is a very, very competitive marketplace and you need to have your wits sharpened.
Just because we can do certain things, is not always a good idea to actually execute on them, right?
So you need to look at the sources of these products, and determine the best options, and then choose your platform. I can recommend going with Amazon because it is such a huge customer base, but you need to understand how it works.
If you have any marketing chops, you will need them to survive. I am not claiming to be a ‘guru’ or a successful eCommerce operator, I am a WWW person who has worked with the web for a long ti

(Popularity Rate: 55 ) Where can I find Tibetan handmade dolls instructions to make one myself? A friend gifted me one, and I would love to replicate it.

o easy task, a lot of it is quite academic subjects, it’s why most people opt to start with a kit rather than build one from scratch. But if you feel up to the task…
Mechanical frame:
Really simple, any frame that is sufficiently stiff and light, and doesn’t get in the way of airflow too much will do. You can make a quadcopter frame from a couple of sticks duct-taped together.
Manufacturing depends on how the frame is designed, you can go with laser-cut or water-jet cut sheet metal (probably aluminium), plastic, or carbon fiber. There are plenty of low-quantity fabrication services that you can use to cut these for you. You can also go with vacuum-forming, the startup costs are quite a lot higher, but again, there are affordable fabrication services available these days (with setup-costs of the molding in the range of $1k)
Power electronics system: Battery, ESCs, motor, and props.
Battery is any high power density battery that has the right working voltage and sufficient current supply. This usually means lithium polymer (lithium cobalt oxide) cells, or just “lipo” to the RC aircraft community.
ESCs, either off-the-shelf, or you can start looking into three phase bridge circuits, and motor commutation (sensorless, unless you want to install your own hall sensors or position encoders). A word of warning: a lot of ESCs have input LPFs that’ll really screw with your PIDs, so you might want to look into either custom firmware, or other methods of circumventing them (e.g. overdriving the PWM).
Motors are any motor with the right kv rating and power density, you’re probably going to need to look at rare-earth permanent magnet three phase outrunners, or just “outrunners” to the RC aircraft community.
Props will need to be matched to the motor operating speed/kv rating, and craft weight, and they’ll need to be fixed pitch counter-rotating pairs.
Most of these you would buy off-the-shelf (unless you want to make your own ESCs, which is a possibility).
Flight controller and digital electronics: low-level stabilisation controller, IMU sensors, navigation controller, and radio receiver, (optionally telemetry).
low-level controller is a microcontroller system dealing with sensor fusion, AHRS, and PID, probably with PWM outputs to the ESCs. processing power need not be high, depending on how much filtering you need, we used an ARM Cortex-M3, but others have used ATMEGA and PIC/dsPIC.
IMU needs to be at least MEMS gyroscope (you can kind of fly with just gyro), accelerometers needed for leveling and non-acro flight, addition of magneto will get you better heading lock, which is essential if you intend to do GPS autopilot. A barometer and ultrasound module is also useful for altitude hold.
Navigation controller is optional and can be combined with the low-level control, it adds a GPS module.
Radio receiver is needed to take input control, PWM interface is common, but we’ve used Spektrum satellite, and Futaba s.bus, which are digital serial signals, easier to deal with with a microcontroller and fewer wires.
Telemetry (two-way comms) is entirely optional, we’ve used XBee mesh before, it’s very useful for debugging.
Again, you do this either with off-the-shelf components, or you get into PCB design. PCB development is quite easy these days thanks to the rise of hobby electronics, you can find plenty of PCB fabrication services, as well as PCB assembly services if you don’t want to have to deal with that yourself too. PCB assembly however is relatively straightforward – order a PCB stencil (some PCB fabrication services will throw in a stencil for free), some solder paste, a small toaster oven, and some needle-nose tweezers and a lot of patience. It’s possible to do 0402-size components by hand, though trust me on this: just go with 0603 and larger to start with, you’ll really kick yourself otherwise). PCB fabrication is in the range of $1 to $5 per board depending on specifications, turnaround time, and quantity, PCB assembly is significantly more expensive, and comes with a setup fee of usually around $200-$500. These prices are those that are offered in China, if you look for US suppliers, it’s going to be quite a bit more expensive.
Flight control software: AHRS, sensor fusion, PID, navigation routines
AHRS and sensor fusion runs on the low-level weird monster Male Sex Dollssex controller, and combines the raw IMU sensors into an AHRS. DCM and Quaternions are popular for this. Sonsor fusion can be part of that, or can run through a separate Kalmann filter. Which you chose to develop will be based on your proficiency with maths, embedded development, and the processing power you have available. EKFs are awesome, but resource-heavy. We use quaternion without kalmann filters. Incidentally within our solution, there is need to re-derive some elements of the DCM anyway.
PID simply takes the calculated AHRS and compares with the attitude, heading and thrust demand from either the manual control, or the navigation controller (which itself is another set of PID loops, and probably a waypoint interpolator, depending on how you implement navigation).
PID tuning is a bit of a black art, there are established methods, but really once you’ve gotten used to how the gains behave, it’s not too bad. You’ll probably rely a lot on trial and error unless you add in HIL testing support and kinematic modelling.
Hint: AHRS and PID, though are the critical parts of the flight control code, make up only a few percent of the actual code. The rest is going to be glue logic and general useability code to deal with user inputs.
That’s pretty much it. If you understand all of the terms above, then you have all the knowledge that you need to build a quadcopter from scratch. If not, then you should probably begin by using kits or pre-built systems, and in the mean time search up all of the above concepts and how they fit together.
We’ve spent quite some time developing our own quadcopters from scratch, and let me tell you: it’s not something you should take lightly, we’ve

(Popularity Rate: 21 ) I want to take my reborn baby dolls outside but I am afraid or scared that people would think that it is a real life baby or that I got pregnant. What can I do?

As Robin said…
Without trying to offend – I would be more worried that people will wonder why a grown woman is ‘playing with dollies’ at her age !
I saw a clip on Youtube a few years back, of an american woman being ‘presented’ with one of those things – she literally screamed hysterically ! Watching the clip – My immediate thought was that’s a bit over the top – for being given a doll as a present and, she seriously needs another hobby !